Graphic Design and Print Community Interest Company is a team of motivated, friendly and skilled professionals who have the expertise to handle a diverse range of projects with a level of service that sets us apart. What’s more, we’re a social enterprise which means doing business with us helps to employ people who are disadvantaged or socially excluded.

Benefiting a community

Community Interest Companies (CIC’s) are limited companies with special additional features created for the use of people who want to conduct a business for community benefit. This is achieved by a ‘community interest test’ and ‘asset lock’, ensuring the CIC is established for community purposes and with profits dedicated to these purposes. For further information go to

Graphic Design and Print Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, has been set-up to benefit people who are disadvantaged or socially excluded.  The company is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers.

The company has a commitment to social inclusion and equality of opportunity which has instilled an interest in looking for new ideas and innovative solutions in developing a community where everyone enjoys the benefits of prosperity, and where everyone has chances to work and to learn. 

GDP CIC believe people with learning disabilities are citizens first and foremost, and public services, together with the private sector, need to respond appropriately. This means that the responsibility to ensure all people can enter the workforce is a community-based responsibility not one simply for health and social care.

Individuals are offered real life chances, with paid employment and the experience to work for a company that is commercially focused. Other benefits include a chance of independence, inclusion into the wider community and choice in daily life. GDP CIC will ensure people work within an environment that is safe, providing an anti-oppressive workplace, having respect for all, and a commitment to empower people to reach their full potential.

Employment and training opportunities exist for:

Those young people who are currently attending school or college who wish to move into employment, so avoiding day centre provision. The company will welcome involvement in any transition planning.

Those adults currently using day centre services and who have employment as part of their Person Centred Plan.

Those adults not accessing care services and who are socially isolated.


Graphic Design and Print Community Interest Company recognises the important role employment plays in supporting aspirations of inclusion, independence and choice. The company has a strong focus on fostering and developing vocational preparation, real employment opportunities and progression.

National Vocational Qualification schemes

NVQ’s has been chosen due to the flexibility, ideal for each individual to reach each milestone in their own time. GDP CIC believe that effective learning and successful employment happens under the place and train approach with tasks broken into steps (Training in Systematic Instruction (TSI)). Full support for the NVQ scheme has been offered by the Leicester College.

Outcomes of the NVQ scheme is a nationally recognised certificate in the chosen discipline. People who have obtained these skills will be able to find work nationally.


Six week training blocks for taster sessions in graphic design are available. This could be for as little as one day a week or as much as five days a week for each individual. These sessions are primarily an introduction to Apple Macs followed by assessment of progress.

Further advance training blocks will then be planned for individuals who wish to continue. These sessions will involve an introduction to software packages and an insight into live work.